The Log route is used for publishing your events to LogSnag. These can represent any event you want to track within your application, service, or system. They will be published under your project and organized within your specified channels.
Publish an event to LogSnag.
Important: Fields ending with an * are required in your request!


You can add custom icons to your events to make them more recognizable. Icons must be passed as a single emoji, such as
. Optionally, you may use emoji shortcodes, such as :smile: or :rocket:.


Tags are a way to add additional metadata to your events. For example, they make it possible to filter events based on tags, create charts and funnels, and the user or product journeys. Check out the Tags section for more information.


The markdown parser makes it possible to style the description, making it easier to scan while scrolling through the timeline. Check out the Markdown section for more information.

Code Snippets

We have a list of code examples you can use to start publishing events to LogSnag.