LogSnag for SaaS

LogSnag for SaaS makes it easy to keep track of user events and understand how users behave in your SaaS apps.

Getting Started

Starting with LogSnag for SaaS is simple. Just add user_id to your logs! Then, these logs will link to the user who set off the event. This will help you understand user behavior. You can track events such as purchase made, item added to cart, subscription upgraded, or support ticket submitted.

We strongly recommend using our in-house SDKs. They simplify the integration process and make it incredibly easy to get started with LogSnag.

User Profiles

After you've sent the first event with a user_id parameter, a user profile will be created for that user. This profile will include details about the user, like their first and last seen dates, the number of sessions they've had, their activity usage, their journey within your app, and more.

To learn more about user events, have a look at the /log endpoint section.


User Properties

Besides the fresh charts and metrics generated from user activity, you can also add key-value properties to a user profile.

This can be beneficial for incorporating extra information into a user profile, which can then be used for filtering and searching. For instance, you can add details like a user's email address, subscription plan, their last payment date, and more to their profile. This allows you to get a comprehensive view of the user just by looking at their profile.

For more information on user properties, please refer to the /identify endpoint section.


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