LogSnag for SaaS

LogSnag for SaaS simplifies tracking user events and gaining insights into user behavior for SaaS applications.

Getting Started

To start with LogSnag for SaaS, you only need to add the user_id parameter to your logs! These logs will then be associated with the user who triggered the event and will be used to generate insights into user behavior. For example, you could track events such as "user signed up", "user logged in, "user updated profile," etc.
We highly suggest using our Web sdk as it automatically tracks page views and makes it extremely easy to track custom events.

User Profiles

Once you've sent in the first event with a user_id parameter, a user profile will be created for that user. This user profile will contain information about the user, such as their first and last seen dates, the number of sessions they've had, their usage activity, their journey within your application, etc.
Check out the /log endpoint section to learn more about user events.

User Properties

In addition to all the new charts and metrics that are generated from the user's activity, you can also add key-value properties to a user profile.
This is useful for adding additional information to a user profile that can be used for filtering and searching. For example, you may add a user's email address, plan, last payment date, etc., to their profile so you can get a complete picture of the user by just looking at their profile.
Check out the /identify endpoint section to learn more about user properties.